Friday, February 4, 2011

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

My husband and I tried to conceive on our own for 2 years before our journey towards "The Parent Hood" began. In 2008 we were at a crossroads - adopt or try 1 fertility treatment? We, being teachers, only had the money for one or the other, and even that was stretching it. My gut was saying ADOPT. I knew we may have to wait a while, but at least we were certain we'd have a child. My husband, on the other hand, really wanted to try fertility.

Somehow, someway, he convinced me that fertility was the way to go. So, in July of 2008, I began daily injections and pills that were supposed to stimulate ovulation. After one week I went in to the clinic for an IUI - interuterine insemination. Basically, they took my husbands's strongest sperm and injected it directly into my uterus via catheter. After that, it was in God's hands. Knowing that my odds of conceiving with this procedure were no greater than "the old fashioned way" had me really nervous.

After 2 weeks of waiting, we went in for the pregnancy test. We found out within a few hours that we were, in fact, expecting. It had worked!!! I met with my fertility specialist for weekly ultrasounds and bloodwork during the 1st trimester. These weeks were filled with many highs and lows. We found out 3 weeks in that we were expecting twins, which excited us greatly. Only 2 weeks later, we found out that one of the embryos had stopped developing. I had NO symptoms of pregnancy whatsoever, which really freaked me out. I was afraid that my other little bean had ceased to flourish. But, such was not the case.

The rest of the pregnancy progressed wonderfully. We found out at about 20 weeks, that "Super K" as we were referring to the baby, was to be a girl. In an instant, Super K became our precious Libby Julliet. At 36 weeks and 1 day my water broke. Libby was born 18 hours later on March 2, 2009.

She was the most precious thing we had ever seen in our lives, and we could not love her more if we tried. Since we had sruggled for so long to become pregnant with Libby, we were not very confident that we'd be able to conceive on our own, and so, did not take birth control very seriously. Our philosophy was, if it happens great, and if not, well that's fine too.

In early October, 2009, when Libby was just 7 months old, I learned that I was expecting again. I was elated, I was NOT broken, I could get pregnant on my own!!! The early part of the pregnancy was great. My nausea and fatigue did not set in until around week 10, much later than they had with Libby. My husband and I were anxiously awaiting the first opportunity we would have to see our new little bundle. That would be December 3, 2009 when we went in for a routine Trisomy 18 and Down's Syndrome screen.

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